Donation – Full “Ruck Up” Tactical Backpack Sponsorship


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Donation Military 3-Day Rucksack

Your donation will provide a Veteran participant a full “Ruck Up” Tactical Backpack System and sponsorship to Ruck Up Event.

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Donation – Full “Ruck Up” Tactical Backpack Sponsorship.

Your donation will provide a Veteran participant, a full “Ruck Up” Tactical Backpack System and cost of attending
the Ruck Up event for two days. Our veteran participants will receive the following gear:

1 – Tactical Backpack
1 – Fire starter kit with Norseman Tactical Tinder, 1 Ferro striker rod, 1 pack storm matches, 1 Bic lighter.
1 – Survival Shelter Tarp and 100 ft 550 cordage and 50ft multi strand survival cordage, 10 feet Gorilla 100mph tape.
1- Water Sterilization Kit & Stainless Steel fire safe container.
1- Personal First Aid Kit.
1- LED Flashlight, 1 LED headlamp w Batteries & 2 Glow sticks

Survival Clothing – 1 pair wool socks, 1 wool beanie, 1 pair tactical gloves, 1 military scarf.
Tools – 1 Prandi German style camp hatchet, 1 Full tang belt knife, 1 SOG folding limb saw
Power – 1 Power recharge cell and phone charge cord
Food, 2 pks Beef jerky, 1 Dehydrated meal, Assorted Candy pack & chewing gum
Food Prep – 1 Titanium cook pot, 1 spork, Stainless fire stove
Resources – 1 Emergency knowledge info book
Morale – 1 Deck of playing cards

Attention: You are making a donation to sponsor a veteran or instructor for the Ruck Up Event and support the cost of the event. There is no charge to participants and instructors are volunteering their time. All funds raised go to cover the cost of the event. This is a tax deductible donation and not a purchase. Funds will be used to provide Veteran participants with equipment for Ruck Up event and will be theirs to keep at the conclusion of Ruck Up event. Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services will make the purchase of items and choose make and model to be provided.

Photo is representation items and pack contents may be vary.


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