Outdoor Sports Program – Archery

Coordination, Dexterity, Focus, Confidence, Strength and Improved Mental Health & Quality of Life

The mission of Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services is to provide a therapeutic environment and a set of experiences through equine, agricultural, and educational activities. It is critical for us to offer a variety of adaptive sports to meet this goal. 

Archery is one of the world’s most ancient sports. It is closely linked to the development of civilization and as a cultural advance, comparable to the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel. While Archery competitions date back to 1200 BC, it first appeared in the 1900 Olympic Games. Archery is also a warrior art that aligns with the veteran warrior mindset. 

Members of the U.S. Army visit Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services and particpate in outdoor sports archery program.

The Archery program at V.E.T.S. is our first offering in our Outdoor and Adaptive Sports curriculum. Participants learn coordination, dexterity, focus, confidence and strength. Archery is amazingly easy to pick up and will provide increased health benefits. 

If you are interested in experiencing the joy and challenges of archery in a safe and peaceful environment with fellow veterans, let’s schedule a time for you to visit the farm. As always, all of our programs are free for veterans.

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