V.E.T.S Moving ahead into the future on horseback

V.E.T.S begins offering mounted programs.

Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services has worked very diligently for many years to reach this goal of being able to offer our Veterans in the ground program an opportunity to graduate to the next phase in life and skills training at the barn. Our mounted program is a natural progression from the 16 weeks of training needed to prepare the students for mounted work. It is through the support and caring of many of our benefactors and volunteers that allow us to begin expanding and opening the program to our students.

The Power of Together 2

When V.E.T.S. started in 2015, we offered a basic and advanced ground program, which consists of two 8 week sessions where the veterans learn just what a horse is, how they communicate, human relationships with horses and how to work and handle these gentle giants. Due to the expense of insurance, paid instructors, safety equipment and many other financial issues, adding a mounted program was just not a reality, Until we meet the group “Power of Together 2” in Mystic CT.

Due to their generous support, Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services has finally been able to start a therapeutic mounted program, which allows our Veterans to expand their equestrian and life skills to new levels while learning to ride on horseback. We have been able to hire a professionally certified therapeutic instructor to oversee every mounted class and have been able to modify our insurance to cover running this program. We have been able to upgrade our students safety equipment, purchasing an assortment of new helmets for the mounted class and several key pieces of tack or equipment needed for this class as well.
Without the amazing support of Power of Together 2 this mounted program would still only be a distant reality.

Thanks to our volunteers

As we look to the future it is our hope and dream that we can continue to shape Veterans Equine Therapeutic Services into a premier, nationally recognized veterans support facility, That our supporters, our community and our vets can be proud of.

If you know of any veteran or active duty personnel that could benefit from any of our programs please have them contact Craig McCalister, V.E.T.S. Executive Director.